The perfect mix of ‘comic’ relief and expert storytelling that tugs on all the right heart strings.
— Arthur Slade, GG Award Winning Author

Ontario Library Association Best Bet

TD Summer Reading Club selection

Nine-year-old Clara Humble has always known she's special... but lately, she's been starting to suspect she might actually be SUPER. In fact, she thinks she may have some very small, but very real powers including:

  • The power to make stuff spill* (* without even touching it).
  • The power to communicate with chinchillas.
  • The power to wake up at exactly 7:14 every morning. No earlier, no later. Even on weekends. Even without an alarm clock.

Clara's pretty sure that with a bit of training she'll be a real-life superhero! And just in the nick of time, too: When she hears that her school is opening its doors to the meanies from rival school R.R. Reginald--including her arch-enemy, bossy Becky McDougall--Clara springs into action. But she soon learns that saving the day is harder than it looks... and that sometimes trying to do the right thing can go very (very) wrong.