Every writing project is different. Let’s talk about who you want to reach and what you want to communicate.

Consulting and Agreement: Depending on your schedule and location we can discuss your project in person, by phone or over e-mail. Following this no-charge question-and-answer session, we'll talk again so that I can share my ideas about your project and provide you with an estimate. When we reach an agreement, we can sign a simple contract outlining responsibilities and schedules—or, in most cases, a record of our agreement in an email exchange will suffice.

Outline:  I'll review any background information and support materials you send me and create a concept for the piece. Once you've had a chance to review the concept, you can get back to me with feedback and requests for changes. This gives us both a clear idea of what you want.

Polishing: I'll deliver a completed draft to you, allowing as much time as possible for feedback and revisions. Two rounds of revisions will be included in the price.

Fee Terms: I'll quote you a fixed price before we begin. It will be all-inclusive, covering strategy, content planning, interviews (if needed), writing and two rounds of revisions. Additional revisions will be billed at an hourly rate. Any big change in creative direction in the final stages of the project may mean substantial rewriting and it may be necessary to negotiate a new agreement.